The history of April fools

April 1st just passed and I’m sure some of you played some practical jokes on your friends or relatives, or […]

The science of hangovers

Yes, I know and I’m sure that most of you know it as well and have experienced it at least […]

The College Food

Ultimate College Food – part 2

….. 6) Omelet gone wild Now this is when you get creative. You feel like a true chef. You use […]


Edward Snowden: “Here’s how we take back the internet”

Edward Snowden, 30 years old American computer specialist, former employee of CIA who is now hiding somewhere in Russia, as […]


How does your memory work?

Hello people! Here is a question for you: How well do you remember things or a certain event that happened […]


Internship in Indonesia

Is the crisis the best time to undertake new investments? There are numerous, often contrary statements among economists, but most […]

Tesla S model

Tesla model S

Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe not, but the automotive industry is on the edge of something big. Something that […]

The College Food

Ultimate College Food

1. Asian noodles By now you don’t care that much about healthy food, so don’t even bother reading the ingredients […]


TED talk: Your body language shapes who you are

You only go to class, sit in a theatre or attend a job interview and people immediately judge you according […]


Christiania – The pursuit of individual freedom!

  Christiania is a small community situated in Copenhagen of which lots of people talk about but really few know […]



Mladiinfo is an internet portal offering hundreds of scholarships, internships and student competitions focused on helping young people who are […]

Selina Jull: “Stop Wasting Food!”

When Christmas and New Years are usually celebrated with the abundance of food and over-consumption and is followed by a […]